TICA Voluntary Breeder Code of Ethics

We, Melisa Guyett & Lance and Lesli Rose, are happy to commit to the TICA Voluntary Breeder Code of Ethics.  Our main goals are to deliver healthy, well socialized kittens to great families and then support our kitten families for the life of their kitten.

TICA Membership

We are and will remain to be members in good standing of The International Cat Association and have TICA registered cats.

Breed Discriminately

We will breed discriminately, and only if we are sure we can find appropriate homes for our kittens.  We will only place kittens in homes that we believe will provide a life long commitment of love, appreciation and responsible care.


Any kitten or cat sold as a pet/companion, will be sold under the following conditions:


#1 Good Health

We will guarantee that the kitten/cat is is good health at the time of the sale.

#2 Vet Examination

We will urge the purchaser to have the kitten/cat examined by the purchaser’s own vet within a few days of purchase to confirm its good health.

#3 Spay & Neutering

We will require that the kitten be spayed or neutered no later than 12 months of age and not be allowed to produce any offspring.

#4 Dangerous Outdoor Environment

We will explain the dangers of an outdoor environment to the purchaser.

#5 Sales Agreement

We will provide a written sales agreement that describes all of the terms of the sale.  We will abide by our own sales agreement.

#6 TICA Registration Application Provided

We will provide the TICA registration application form and/or pedigree for the kitten/cat only after we have received written evidence from a licensed vet that the kitten/cat has been altered.

#7 Contact

We will encourage the purchaser to contact us if the purchaser has any questions and we will respond in a timely manner.

#8 Vaccinations

We will not release a kitten until is has been inoculated at least twice against the following:  Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus.  We may also chose to give other vaccinations.