Are Sphynx Cats Hypoallergenic?

Dwelf Sphynx Kitten

Are Sphynx cats hypoallergenic? 


Sadly no, there aren’t really any animals that all people aren’t allergic too. 


People can be allergic to the cat’s saliva and the cat’s dander so even though a Sphynx cat can be bald as a billard ball you can still be allergic to them. 


If your allergies are to cats hair you might just be in luck! 


If you would like to find out of you are allergic, please come and meet our cats and kittens, then you’ll know. 


If you can’t get here easily because it is too far visit a breeder close to you. 




I can’t think of anything more disappointing then buying an adorable little Sphynx kitten and then finding out your are deathly allergic and you have to rehome your new best friend. 


I wish Sphynx were hypoallergenic!

Sphynx Cats

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