Going Home With Your Sphynx Kitten

The exciting day is near and you might be wondering how to care for your new baby sphynx kitten when you get home.

The most important thing is to try and keep as many things the same as possible.

Don’t change the food or the type of litter and keep your kitten in your bedroom for the first week at least until it has settled in.  The kittens are used to a room of space, not a whole house or apartment.  Use a litter box without a hood at first until the kitten is using it like a champ!

Spend lots of quiet time and some play time together.  Introduce your kitty to its new toys in a gentle way.

Vet Visit & Vaccines

Make sure to have a vet appointment booked for your new sphynx kitten within 72 hours of pick up, we want to confirm the kitten is in good health.

DO NOT allow the vet to vaccinate the kitten!  The kitten has already been vaccinated.  An additional vaccination could make your kitty very sick or even kill it.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

You will be provided with a form for 30 days of free pet insurance. If you want it, you must call within 24 hours. I do suggest you take it and keep it going after the free trial is over, you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that if your cat need expensive vet care you are covered.

Bathing & Ear Cleaning

Sphynx do not actually need to be bathed once a week and you shouldn’t do it. When you bathe them, you strip the oils from their skin and they quickly start over producing oil which is what creates an oily dirty cat. It quickly turns into a vicious cycle. Sphynx clean themselves like regular cats. They do not need baths for health reasons. Occasional baths are fine but if you want your Sphynx to stay clean and not greasy it’s best to leave their skin alone.  Ears should be cleaned once a week.  You can use mineral oil or baby oil, q tips and baby wipes.