Sphynx Colour Chart

The Cat Fanciers' Association Color Prefix Chart with examples from the finest Sphynx Catteries in the world.

5000 Sphynx Blue Eyed White

White Sphynx Blue Eyes

Blue Eyed White Sphynx - WEBSITE - Baby Rah Sphynx Cattery

Thanks to owner, Anna Zhukova- Baby Rah Sphynx Cattery

5002 Sphynx Gold Eyed White

5004 Sphynx Odd Eyed White

Odd Eyed Sphynx

Odd Eyed Sphynx

Our own King!

5006 Sphynx Blue, WCF code - a

5006 Blue Sphynx

Blue Sphynx - INSTAGRAM - Cattery Sphynx Waisienessa

Thanks to Cattery Sphynx Waisienessa

Blue Sphynx Baby Rah Cattery

Blue Sphynx - WEBSITE - Baby Rah Cattery

Thank you Anna Zhukova, Baby Rah Cattery

5008 Black, WCF code - n ( seal - brown - ruddy - sable - ebony)

5010 Sphynx Red, WCF code - d

Red Sphynx

5012 Sphynx Blue Cream Shaded

5014 Sphynx Cream, WCF code - e

5016 Sphynx Cream Smoke

5018 Sphynx Dilute Calico

5020 Blue Cream Smoke

5024 Sphynx Tortoiseshell Smoke

5030 Sphynx Chinchilla

5032 Sphynx Shaded Silver

5034 Black Smoke

5036 Silver Tabby

5038 Sphynx Blue Smoke

5040 Sphynx Red Tabby

5044 Sphynx Brown Tabby

5046 Sphynx Tortoiseshell

5048 Sphynx Calico

5050 Sphynx Blue Cream

504 Sphynx Cream Tabby

5056 Sphynx Blue Shaded

5060 Sphynx Bi Color

White & Black Bi Colour Sphynx

White & Black Bi Colour - FACEBOOK - Lilikoy Sphynx Cattery

Thanks to Lilikoy Sphynx Cattery in Southern California

Sphynx White & Red Bi Colour

White & Red Bi Colour - Instagram - Canada Village Cattery

Thanks to Natalia Vinogradova, Canada Village Cattery in Russia

5062 Cameo Shaded

5064 Sphynx Red Smoke Cameo

5066 Sphynx Cameo Tabby

5068 Sphynx Blue Silver Tabby

5070 Sphynx Cream Silver Tabby

5076 Tortoiseshell Shaded

5078 Sphynx Other Patched Tabby

5080 Sphynx Van Bi Color

5082 Sphynx Van Calico

5084 Sphynx Dilute Van Calico

5086 Sphynx Brown Patched Tabby

5088 Sphynx Blue Patched Tabby

5090 Sphynx OSC

5092 Sphynx Silver Patched Tabby

5094 Sphynx Pointed

Seal Tortie Point Sphynx

Nebula, Seal Tortie Point - Shelley Ess

Thank you Shelley

5098 Sphynx AOV

5100 Sphynx Chocolate, WCF code - b (havanna)

5102 Sphynx Lavender, WCF Lilac code - c

5104 Sphynx Cinnamon

5106 Sphynx Fawn

5110 Sphynx Chocolate Shaded

5112 Sphynx Lavender Shaded

5114 Sphynx Cinnamon Shaded

5116 Sphynx Fawn Shaded

5120 Choco Tortie Shaded

5122 Sphynx Lavender Cream Shaded

5124 Sphynx Cinnamon Tortie Shaded

5126 Sphynx Fawn Cream Shaded

5130 Sphynx Chocolate Smoke

5132 Sphynx Lavender Smoke

5134 Sphynx Cinnamon Smoke

5136 Sphynx Fawn Smoke

5138 Sphynx Lavender Van Calico

5140 Sphynx Chocolate Tortie Sphynx

5142 Sphynx Lavender Cream Smoke

5144 Sphynx Cinnamon Tortie Smoke

5146 Sphynx Fawn Cream Smoke

5148 Sphynx Cinnamon Van Calico

5150 Sphynx Chocolate Tabby

5152 Sphynx Lavender Tabby

5154 Sphynx Cinnamon Tabby

5156 Sphynx Fawn Tabby

5160 Sphynx Chocolate Silver Tabby

5162 Sphynx Lavender Silver Tabby

5164 Sphynx Cinnamon Silver Tabby

5166 Sphynx Fawn Silver Tabby

5168 Sphynx Chocolate Calico

5170 Sphynx Chocolate Tortie

5172 Sphynx Lavender Cream

5174 Sphynx Cinnamon Tortoiseshell

5176 Sphynx Fawn Cream

5178 Sphynx Chocolate Van Calico

5182 Sphynx Lavender Calico

5184 Sphynx Cinnamon Calico

5186 Sphynx Fawn Calico

5188 Sphynx Mink B32

Chocolate Mink Sphynx

Chocolate Mink - WEBSITE - Canada Village Cattery

Thank you Natalia Vinogradova - Canada Village Cattery, Moscow, Russia

Chocolate Mink Sphynx

Chocolate Mink - WEBSITE - Canada Village Cattery

Thank you Natalia Vinogradova - Canada Village Cattery, Moscow, Russia

5190 Sphynx Domestic Outcross

5192 Sphynx Lavender Cream Calico

5194 Sphynx Cinnamon Cream Van Calico

5196 Sphynx Fawn Van Calico

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